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USG Flexi Motion Body Protector Available with Equiairbag-Like Racesafe- Adults


  • £149.99

USG Flexi Motion Body Protector

The highly flexible Body Protectors with its newly developed block structure for optimum wearing comfort. Smaller triangular blocks allow maximum movability and adapts smoothly to the body’s shape. Width and Length can easily be adjusted by hook-and-loop-fastener on shoulder and in front. Flexi Motion is certified to the highest European standards EN13158-2009 Level 3 and BETA Level 3. Outer material made of stout, dirt repellent polyester which can be cleaned with damp cloth.

For extra Protection to the Competive Rider how about adding the Equiairbag?

EQUIAIRBAG® works with an airbag system designed to attach to the USG Flexi body protector. EQUIAIRBAG® activates in case of falling from horse and it protects the spine from severe injuries.

It is designed to be worn above the bpdy protector, adapting itself perfectly also to the technical garment, thanks to a conformation that makes it an extremely flexible and adaptable product.

EQUIAIRBAG® it also light and comfortable.

EQUIAIRBAG® is activated by a special cable which is clipped on the front part of the saddle on the right. (each saddle has front rings). As the horse rider is about to be unsaddled from horse, the activating cable automatically activates EQUIAIRBAG®. The elongation of the activation cable is designed so that it doesn't restrict a riders movement. 

The inflation time is a fundamental data. EQUIAIRBAG®has an inflation time in 80/85 milliseconds. The high inflation speed of EQUIAIRBAG® makes it one of the fastest airbag systems on the market.

EQUIAIRBAG® uses the same airbag system of MOTOAIRBAG®, which is certified according to the norm for personal protection equipment for motorcyclists.The norm for motorcylclist protector requires levels of absorptions of impact more severe than the related levels required by the norm for horse rider protectors.EN 1621-4 2011 ("Motorcyclists' Protective Clothing Against Mechanical Impact - Part 4: Motorcyclists' Inflatable Protectors"). For more details visit
EQUIAIRBAG® is rechargeable

The horse rider is never tied to the horse.




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