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Science Supplements Horse Gut Balancer- Results in as Little as Seven Days

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  • Optimum levels of protected live yeast
  • Supports gut health & aids digestion
  • Stimulates the growth of good bacteria
  • 1.3kg tub gives 2 months supply
  • Results seen in as little as seven days

Maintaining a healthy digestive system is a vital part of equine care, but gastrointestinal (GI) problems and conditions can be a common complaint for many horses – young or old. Our range of horse gut balancer supplements here at Science Supplements are the perfect way to maintain a healthy hindgut and help combat many symptoms associated with bacterial imbalance such as weigh fluctuations and loose droppings.

Our horse gut balancer is specifically designed to provide sufficient amounts of live yeast to improve gut health, aid digestion and combat numerous gastrointestinal issues. Stress can play a large part in digestive disturbances in horses, which can make maintaining gut health a difficult task – but this is what makes our gut balancer so ideal. Given daily, this supplement is suitable for maintaining an already healthy gut or for tackling issues associated with GI problems



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