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Optimum Time

Optimum Time Ultimate Event Watch Stop Watch Large Display Cross Country XC

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The new version of the classic event watch has now landed in the UK. The OE Series 380 event watches will still be as reliable as ever, and the interest in the coloured range has made it an instant success.

 Optimum Time has not stood still, and has improved the electronics of the product & improved static electricity protection. At the same time, the chip has been changed to give even better battery life, while adding improved eventing functions.

 These are the OE Series 390. Now the countdown timer gives an audible warning every full minute to go, plus a last 30 second beep sequence that warns of the end of period.

 Count-up from is still available with minute warnings, but the new big feature is programmable count-up.

 Put in the course time, press start, then see as the watch heads for that time – still with a beep every minute gone, but with a last 30 second warning beep sequence.

 Don't forget, this is the model that will also include PINK! 

An easy to use Event watch with a large clear LCD display Screen

Bold Digits

Compact and Comfortable Design

Counts Up and Down

Alarm Feature

Easy To Operate


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