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Lister LEGATO Plus Trimmers - Cordless & Quiet


  • £105.95

The Legato is a rechargeable cordless trimmer which features an easy to use switch to adjust the cutting length, eliminating the need for multiple blades. The Legato has minimum noise and vibration levels, making it ideal for removing hair from sensitive areas such as around the ears and nostrils. The Legato can also be run directly from its charger when the battery is low.

Key Features:
Lightweight design for comfort and ease of use
Clip for 40 minutes from a quick 2 hour charge
Clip for 2.5 hours from a full 12 hour charge
Extremely quiet and smooth running motor
Easy to use switch to adjust the cutting length
Set of four slide-on blade guides to raise coat length
Designed and manufactured in the UK
New energy efficient charger
New stronger casing material

Weight inc blades 300g
Length 170mm
Grip Diameter 45mm
Blade Speed 4500 RPM
Voltage 6V

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