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Chic Paws Liberty of London Isa Designer Dog Collar 50- 60cm Ex Lge

Chic Paws

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Isa Liberty fabric is a design selected by Kiera Vaclavik, a senior lecturer in the department of Comparative Literature at Queen Mary, University of London.  Vaclavik chose this fabric because its crescent shapes evoke a number of wonderland elements: primarily the Alice Band, but also the Cheshire Cat's toothy grin. There is, finally something very Alice-y about the dots in the fabric as they suggest the shifting of shapes and patterns beneath the surface.

Great new liberty design for 2015 - Loved by  Boys and Girls alike.

As with all our collars, matching or contrasting flowers and bow ties are available.

Manufactured in our unique style of layers of fabric and interfacing to create a collar of strength, durability, flexibility and comfort. 

These collars are fitted with the Chrome Buckle and Fittings. Collars and accessories are treated with Scotchguard to help protect from dirt and stains.

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