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Le Mieux Mesh Brushing Boots

Le Mieux

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Mesh Brushing Boot White

Superb quality incredibly smart boots for schooling and competition. Lightweight with breathable inner lining and protective leather straps and padded brushing area. Suitable for use on front & hind legs.

Pony (Up to 14hh): Small for Front & Hind
Large Pony (Up to 15hh): Small for front/ Medium Hind
Cob/ Small Horse Up to (15.2hh): Medium for Front/ Medium Hind
Horse ( Up to16.2hh): Medium for Front/ Large Hind
Warmblood: Large Front/ Large Hind or XL Hind depending on length of Cannon Bone.

Please note these sizes are in CM and are approximate. Please also bear in mind there is no difference in style for front or hind.

Hand wash in warm water.

Apply leather cleaner/conditioner to leather areas.

Allow to dry naturally, not on a heat source.

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