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 Champion X-Air  Star Plus  

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This is classed as a Junior Hat but has a wide range of sizes which may accommodate some adults.

Please ensure that this hat will fit by trying on before ordering as it is a non returnable item

This is a non returnable item unless there is a fault in manufacture so please ensure that you order the correct size as manufacturers fitting can vary


The X-Air Star PLUS features a spectacular bling design which is designed to appear to younger riders, or simply the youthful at heart.

UK made and built upon a lightweight injection moulded ABS shell, the X-Air Star is kitemarked to PAS 015:2011 and incorporates a ventilation system to help keep the head cool.
A 4-point padded nubuck harness offers supreme comfort and security, while the limited edition rhinestone crystal design of the X-Air Star ensures you’ll be ready to sparkle as you ride.

Sizes: 51cm to 63cm

Helmet Fit

Your trained helmet fitter will start by measuring your head to establish the correct size and follow with a determination of which models may suit your head shape. After trying on different types of helmets, a proper match should be confirmed by putting the chosen helmet on again and adjusted as necessary.

When being fitted, take care not to choose a helmet that’s too large, because firmness can be mistaken for tightness.

The fit of the helmet’s harness is also important. Some checks to ensure your harness is secure:

  • Check the length of the chin strap. When correctly adjusted, it should sit just under the chin and gently touch the bottom of the ear lobe – the strap should not be around the throat.
  • As far as tightness is concerned, you should be able to put a finger between the strap and your chin and while it should be reasonably tight, it should also allow you to talk comfortably.
  • The rubber band on the chin strap should lie close to the buckle, as it helps keep the webbing or leather strap secure and stops it from slipping through the buckle.
  • The harness laces at the back of the helmet should be secured tightly to ensure your helmet hugs your head. Always adjust the chin strap first, then the back laces. They must be taut enough to support the chin strap, but not enough to force it around the throat.

Helmet Care

To provide the best protection when you’re riding, a helmet is designed to be weaker than your head, so never do things to your helmet that you wouldn’t think of doing to your head. A helmet’s interior is made of a high-grade expanded polystyrene, full of microscopic bubbles. The layers of bubbles burst upon an impact and, as they burst, they protect your head and reduce the risk of injury.

Important point to remember:

  • Helmets are sensitive to extreme heat (70°C+/158°F+), riding helmets should always be stored in an ambient temperature and out of direct sunlight. The tiny polystyrene bubbles inside the helmet will melt past these temperatures, so if you leave your helmet in a car on a hot day, the helmet could end up being damaged.

Your helmet should never be dry-cleaned, exposed to solvents or put in the dishwasher. Always clean your helmet with specialist products specifically made for either the interior or exterior of the helmet



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