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Global Herbs Fly Free Supplement

Global Herbs

  • £16.95

Helps your horse cope with flies but it also helps with general skin condition. Keeps the breathing clear and soothes the membranes around the nose and eyes.


04/12/09 - Laura Keeley, Lincs

"My big ginger gets Global Herbs FlyFree during the summer as he really suffers with the flies, despite copious amounts of fly spray, cream and a rug. Really found it helped this year - much more chilled pony when turned out, and at competitions where it's not feasible to keep spraying / slarring product on."

02/06/09 - Karen Sansom

"I have to congratulate you on a great product, Fly Free. My horse suffers badly with little flies going into his ears; he does not like wearing a fly mask so it was a real problem. He has been on Fly Free a week and my goodness it is amazing. I can have peace of mind all the time now knowing that he can have a stress free time in the field."

July 2006 - Debbie Peake

"Thank you very much, it's the only thing that has ever worked."

Gill Coburn

"Thanks Stephen for all your help, Fly Free is a wonder product. In the livery yard we did a test, some horses were trialled and they showed a vast improvement over the others."

Shirley Boraston

"Its fantastic stuff, I couldn't believe it. Difficult to eat at first. She was eaten alive and looked like bubble wrap, it took 5 days but now she is getting no fly bites whatsoever"

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