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Ezyloader Headcollar Adaptor (Headcollar not inc)

Ezyloader Headcollar Adaptor (Headcollar not inc)

KM Elite

  • £23.95

The Ezyloader headcollar adaptor is an easy-to-use and firm but kind controller system to make loading easier with tricky horses. It works by putting pressure over nose of the horse if they are to resist or pull back and immediately releases the pressure as soon as the pressure on the lead rope is dropped. It is also ideal for horses who need more control when being led and can be used in place of a chiffney, stallion chain or bridle for leading. 

Following research and development in conjunction with horse transporters and a specialist equine vet, the simple adapter attaches to a regular head collar and works using pressure when a horse pulls back or rushes forward and release when rewarding steady forward movement. 

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