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Unnamed International Optician

to Sponsor British Dressage Judges

The new rule for 2018 requiring dressage competitors to display their numbers on both sides of the horse, near side and orf sorry, off side, (right and left to those not in the know), has prompted an, as yet, unnamed international optical company to offer sponsorship to all dressage judges and writers.

Announcing this marketing opportunity a company spokesperson was quoted as saying

“We want to support these denizens of dressage, in their hour of need, to make sure that their sight is perfect, as there has clearly been a sight problem before, that required this rule change.”

“To this end we are supplying, free of charge, a pair of suitable glasses for each of these volunteers to assist in the delicate task of reading a 3inch (75cm) high number.

Made even more difficult from a distance of several metres as the competitor and their dancing horses pass speedily by at 5mph in front of the car or judge’s box, in which these officials are seated while judging”.


All will be revealed, the company spokesperson said, “we’ll see ‘em right, when we have supplied their PDNRG’s” (personal dressage number reading glasses) which are due anytime soon.

On being told of this major development, Senior Dressage Judge,
Dame Cadence Canter-Piaffe (26) was thrilled, saying,

 “I am feeling ‘super top-hole’ and ‘over the moon’ on getting my new set of ‘bins’ and cannot wait to start collecting horse numbers again.”

Message Ends   A.R.E. Porter Esq.

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