Simple Loops, Daisy's Flatwork Training Exercise

Hi Daisychainers,

This little exercise is great for getting your stiff side to loosen up.

It will help with suppling, elasticity on both reins, and help to establish rhythm, You can do it in Walk, Trot or Canter. Having said that darlings I think you should perfect it in trot before you move on to canter.



The drawing shows the line on one side of the school, obviously this can be changed to the other side as well, although I would use the opposite long side M to F for relaxing before doing the exercise again through C, H, X, K and A and then reversed on the other rein.

This is me just doing a bit of warming up before my lesson.



When you want to change to the other rein, treat it as a brand new exercise.

Also don’t forget to change your diagonal ‘rise’ in the middle section just before or on X and then back again for H.

When you get to do this in canter, you will be riding Counter Canter in the middle section over X.

Ride smoothly with rhythm, engagement and energy generated by your inside leg, while your outside leg should control the hindquarters.

Have Fun

Bye for now Daisy

P.S. I know I am a little overbent and the flash gun makes my eyes look like an alien's, not my best photo!!

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