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Sewing Machinist Vacancy Information

Posted by Judith Fowden on

Sewing Machinists Wanted

We need machinists to manufacture our equestrian products at your own home, known in the trade as ‘outwork’.

You will need a reasonably good machine, but not necessarily an industrial one. The thread size/type we use is Coats nylbond Tkt 040 or Tex 070 whichever of these size names makes sense to you.

They are not hard to make, but do need to be of a high standard, well finished, neat and accurate.

We will give training, if needed including illustrated written instructions and also accept advice if it will improve production or quality.

The payment will be on piecework rates based on £10 per hour, you will be responsible for your own tax etc.

All the different parts of the manufacture have been timed, in order to calculate the payments.

All the parts will be delivered ready cut.

Please email us in the first instance on with your name phone number and brief details of your experience.

If you do not have email please call telephone 01845 565424

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