Daisy's Diary June 2016

Daisy’s Diary

The Journal of a Chesnut Dressage Diva
June Entry 2016

Exercises for a Beautiful Body



Hi Daisychainers,

Sorry I have been away for so long, it won’t happen again, but sometimes things just can’t be helped.

Rain, more rain, scary thunderstorms, really heavy rain, then hailstones, then the rain that really wets you. What’s a girl to do?

It’s not easy staying beautiful in these conditions, but of course I do manage in adversity.

My favourite Shampoo is Absorbine’s Superpoo it is sooooo yummy

Supple up with Shapes.

I have been asked if I will share some of my workout routines so that other horses can achieve a diva supermodel body like mine.

There was some talk of a video deal, but I haven’t heard anything about that for a while.

Well I will share some of my exercises today.
I’ll add some more in my next diary, but not all of them, a girl has to have some secrets!

Don’t you just get bored with endless circles? Humans, they don’t have much imagination do they?

Tell your human to mix things up it is not the law that you only use the outside lane on the arena (or manège).
Some people call them ménage1 by mistake, but that means something totally different, something a bit naughty Daddy says.
See my Note 1 in the footer.

Ooooh, it doesn’t bear darlings, ooh it just does not bear thinking about!

Just for easiness, I am assuming your working area is a standard arena 40 by 20 metres, it may be more or it may be less, you can always adapt the exercises to whatever area you have to use.

If you haven’t got access to an arena then get your human to mark one out for you in your field or paddock with electric fence posts or something similar.

It is also very important to remember to let them know that you need to do some basic warming up first.
In this country at this time of year, you have probably been standing in your stable all day, putting on weight, so you will be starting off a bit stiff.

Let your human know you need a 10 to 15 minute walk to make sure all your muscles are stretched and warm before starting any real work.


Exercise 1

Simple really, use a series of serpentines (that is just fancy talk for big loops) up and down the arena, start off with three and see if you can work up to squeezing five in. It means the turns are quite hard, but it does help, makes you very bendy too.

This one will really help supple you up.

A serpentine is where you go straight across the arena, from side to side, do a half circle and back across the other way, keep going until you reach the other end then change the rein and start again. I have put a diagram in to help.


Then just when your human has the hang of it, do a couple of 10 metre circles, in different places. It is all about keeping it interesting for the humans and suppling for us supermodels and you ordinary horses.

Another thing you can add in is a half circle loop and come back to the track in the opposite direction. It is another way of changing the rein, looks a bit like a teardrop. 


Twenty minutes of this non-stop after you have warmed up and you will need a nice rub down with a Borstiq Massage Brush




They feel really good, sometimes it makes my lips go funny and curly, coz it tickles a bit.

Exercise 2 – The Variation

When you are riding serpentines, don’t just slavishly follow the rules. Ride your turn, but instead of going straight back across the arena, make the turn into a circle and then go straight across the arena and do the same again.

I can tell you for sure you will be as supple as a wriggly worm in no time at all.

Of course, wearing the right clothes for exercise is very important; one would not want to be seen in old pair of raggy and sweaty neoprene boots.

There are a few problems with neoprene when you are working hard, it makes your legs underneath the neoprene very hot and sweaty, neoprene does not really protect your legs it is not tough enough.

Oooooooh ‘sweaty legs’, not a good-look girlfriends, nor is it healthy for your legs.

Much better not to have boots that make your legs sweaty.

Anyway, I prefer leg warmers like the le Mieux Polo Bandages, diva white of course.
Alternatively you could push the boat out and get your human to buy some of those lovely jubbly le Mieux Support Boots they are so comfy and give you great protection.



Riding Club

I didn’t go to riding club this last time, Mum and Francesca took ‘Lollipop Eric’ and ‘Gormless’2. They won’t take ‘Gormless’ and me out together again because of his little mishap in the trailer the last time he went to riding club with me.

He’s got the back lady, ‘Madame McTimoney’, coming tomorrow as he has been complaining about a sore back again and occasionally he is being a bit naughty with his jumping.

They think I do not know what is going on, but I overheard mum and dad talking, (I do have very big, but very attractive ears you know).


Have I mentioned my 1st Red Rosette, (only 3rd Time Out)

Red(Gormless) might have to have a new saddle, they don’t think any of the ones here fit him properly and it might be causing his sore back. 

‘Madame McTimoney’ also said that the last time she came to pamper him!

Madame McTimoney’s is real name is Jo Nicholson www.jonicholsonchiro.co.uk it is just me that calls her Madame.
She has been here a few times to help us out with our aches and pains and has helped enormously.

Nobody says, “Daisy you need a new saddle”. Quite frankly I can take or leave having a rider on my back, preferably leave, especially Be’elzebub.

I do like to show off though and I know mum, Daddy and Francesca are always very pleased and proud of me when I get ‘8’ scores in my dressage tests. I’m sure very soon I will be getting nines.

There are days though when I just do not want to be ridden at all and I do let them know in my own way. Haha lol.

See you soon and do not forget your exercises

Love Daisy xxx


  1. A ménage is a 3 way love affair not an area for exercising horses!
    That is a Manège, nearly the same!
  2. Gormless is my nickname for Goodness the ex Racehorse whose stable name is Red
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