Daisy's Diary July 2016

Daisy’s Diary

The Journal of a Chesnut Dressage Diva
July Entry 2016


Hi Daisychainers,

Stable News

I didn’t do very much in June except wander around the field looking beautiful. Everybody was very busy, so I had a bit of time off. All the action was elsewhere. Pippa Perfect managed to cut her back leg in the field, which was rather nasty. Nobody knows quite how she did it and she’s not telling.

I was going to post a photo, but mum said it was a bit too messy.

The junior horse doctor had to come out and stitch her leg up, it was a bit gruesome, but it looks alright now. It didn’t hurt me a bit! Lol

Those little flies can be irritating when the sun comes out, but if you disguise yourself, they stay away.

How do you disguise yourself? I hear you ask.

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Last week I came in from the field to do some work (well that’s what I heard Francesca say) so as soon as she put me in the barn, I got down and rolled, kicked as many of the fence boards as I could and lost two shoes in the process, as well as banging my leg which I had not meant to do. So that was a bit sore for a couple of days. Got me out of the work though.
Dad was not very pleased, as he had to mend the boards; there were a few strong words if you know what I mean.

Riding Club

I have not been to Riding Club for a while Mum and Francesca took ‘Lollipop Eric’ and ‘Gormless’2. They won’t take ‘Gormless’ and me out together again because of his little mishap in the trailer the last time he went to riding club with me.

Not sure if I mentioned my first red rosette, in only my 3rd ever test!

Well we went to something called Riding Club Area Dressage Competition on Sunday 10th July. It was at Richmond Equestrian Centre in North Yorkshire.

I was to do three tests with Francesca.

Will Joyce our trainer had been down to home last week to give us a couple of lessons before we went.

After about twenty minutes he swapped with Francesca and he got on my back. Well girlfriends, I can tell you for nothing, he is worse than Be’elzebub, bossy, bossy, bossy. He was trying to make me bend more around his leg, I thought I’ll show you bossy boots, and let go with a mini buck to show my aggravation, ooooooooooh!

Mistake, he pulled me up straight away and gave me a right telling off.

I decided to behave; I do not like being shouted at. Not at all. I am very sensitive.

These three tests would bring my grand total of dressage tests up to eight so far. The place was jam packed full of people and horses, I have never seen so many it was very busy. Mum was a bit nervous that I might want to show off and ad lib a bit, so she put that nice red ribbon in my tale, so I would get noticed.

But I didn’t, ad lib that is, I was very good and went straight into ‘game face’ and stayed there all day.

The first one was a ‘Novice’ test, I got 66.something in that one, but it was not quite good enough for a rosette. The second test was not about me they were marking riders not horses, so not of any interest.

However the third test was a Prelim and we were part of  team Charlie for Hambleton and District RC, I only went and got third place in that one and the team came second overall. Francesca was a bit miffed coz we were equal 2nd on 70.63 scores with somebody else, but were placed 3rd on collective marks, whatever they are. I did get my first eight for my canter though.

The judge, who is obviously very knowledgeable, said “I had great potential!”

You can watch a bit of it here on Facebook if you want


I do like to show off though and I know mum, Daddy and Francesca are always very pleased and proud of me when I get ‘7’ scores in my dressage tests. I’m sure if I work hard and don’t ‘ad lib’ too much, very soon I will be getting eights and nines all the time. Well maybe not all the time.

There are days though when I just do not want to be ridden at all and I do let them know in my own little ways. Haha lol.

See you soon and do not forget your exercises from last month.

Dare to be different

Love Daisy xxx


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