Daisy's Diary 25th August 2015

Daisy’s Diary Entry 25th August 2015

I’ve had a bit of a lazy week, one way or another.

One of my front Jimmee Shoos had become a little loose, so I couldn’t do any work in case it twisted off and broke my nail.

I have had to wait until today Tuesday for that nice farrier Ben, to come and fix it.

He arrived this morning, a bit too early and caught Mum and Dad on the hop. Francesca wasn’t here either she had an appointment and was not due in until later.

Mum was still in her pyjamas!  Don't tell anyone, I know you won't.

Dad had to come out to the paddock to get me.

I was busy strolling around looking beautiful and practicing swinging hip turns.

There is no point in messing around and a girl can never have too many shoes, so I asked for and got a full brand new set of Jimmees.

I think Jimmee Shoos are the best horse shoes in the world.

Look how lovely they are, complete with nail varnish.

I do not like dogs very much. They can be a nuisance.

They go running around chasing balls and sticks and barking, all so pointless. I sometimes think that the humans like them as much or even more than me!

Minnie is the matriarch chocolate labrador here, she has had to have an operation.

A couple of months ago she had an ulcerated cornea in her right eye which had affected her sight.

Mum and dad were very worried about her and dad took her off to the vets to have her eye examined. She was wearing her Liberty Designer Collar. A girl should never go out underdressed whatever the occasion.


 She saw Julian, who gave her some eye drops to try and make it better. 

(He’s one of the vets, who has had the privilege of meeting me)

She had to go back a week later coz her left eye was also going funny, swollen and bloodshot.

Julian did some more tests, said it was something called glaucoma and gave her some pills and eye drops for her left eye.

He said that if the eye drops, medicine and pills didn’t work to reduce the pressure, she may have to have her eye removed.
Oooooooooh! I didn’t like the sound of that.

The glaucoma was causing her a lot pain in her eye because of the pressure.

They took me to the vets once, in the trailer.

I had to wait! Can you believe it, me having to wait.

I am a supermodel (did I mention that?) I am not used to waiting as you can imagine. I am used to being pampered.

I had no idea why I was there at the vets. I thought it was just another trip out to go for a hack. Didn’t look like much of a hacking place to me just a big car park.

It was really sunny and warm, so dad opened the trailer door and ramp at the front so I could sunbathe, or so I thought.

The next thing I know two ladies appear, one I recognised as ‘Doggy Doctor Sarah’ she’d looked after one of our terriers.

The other one looked very young.

Doggy Doctor Sarah said, “Is it OK if this student gives Daisy her injection?”

Injection! Student! Nobody said anything to me about students and injections.

Next thing I know she’s up the ramp, like a ferret up a trouser leg, stabbed me in the neck and gone again, not even a Polo mint for being good!

Sorry, I am doing my usual digression, back to poor Minnie.

Can you imagine if that had been me that needed the eye operation?

An equine supermodel with one eye, I don’t think that would work and my super-modelling career would be over.

Then again a Designer Patch over my eye would look very chic. I might try it for effect.

Well she had to go back to the vets two weeks ago to see Julian again.
It was not good news, the pressure in her eye was still very high and Julian thought it best to remove it altogether.

So they kept her there at the vets for the day and did the operation.

They sewed her eyelids together so the empty socket woud not show.

Dad picked her up in the evening, but he had to carry her as she was still a bit wobbly after the anaesthetic and pain killer drugs.

Well I do feel sorry for her, but they do say every cloud has a silver lining.



A TV crew has been filming, at the vets in Thirsk, for the last few months recording all the comings and goings on.
They filmed Minnie at home, being treated at the vets, having the operation and then having her stitches out.

It now looks like she’s going to be featured in one of the episodes.

There’s no justice is there?

Nobody told me about the filming, why couldn’t I have been filmed, being brave, having my injection or I could have had a minor ailment?

Nothing too serious that might make the film crew feel sick, maybe a broken eyelash or a chipped Jimmee Shoo.

Minnie is back home now and settled into her routine, but now mum and dad call her, ‘Minnie the Moocher’, because she has to mooch and shuffle around.
She is having to learn where everything is and finding her way around, because she can’t see any more.

I heard dad say there is even a song about her called ‘Minnie the Moocher’.

Funny though, she always finds the food dish! It’s a labrador thing.

I’ll let you all know when she is going to be on the TV. The series is called The Yorkshire Vets it will be on Channel 4 and it is supposed to start in late September.

The Village Show

What a night on Saturday night, torrential rain, thunder and lightning, strong winds. 

Carolyn the lady who was organising the show, must have been having nightmares. The tents were put up on Saturday, had they come down at night? Was everything still in place?

No they hadn’t come down, everything was perfect.

Sunday dawned bright, dry and sunny here in North Yorkshire and I could hear posts being hammered in and the ice cream man’s music.

Loads of people, ponies and horses came to the show, they were doing things all day.

Red (aka Gormless), Pippa and Eric went over to do some jumping and came back with rosettes. Pot Hunters I call them.

Here’s Gormless, showing off with Francesca, "Ooooh look how high I can jump"


Photo courtesy of ‘Polly’ at http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk

Eric headed straight for the ice cream van, but Be’el wouldn’t let him near until he had finished his work.

He hadn’t done any jumping for ages and did not even have any shoes on.  He went barefoot!

I told you he was good, he came home with some rosettes and got some Haribos and an ice cream

Photo courtesy of ‘Polly’ at http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk

Everyone seemed to have a jolly old time at the show.

Maybe it was the ample supply of beer from Hambleton Ales, Be’els boyfriend Ross looked a bit wobbly when he got back.

Sunshine and alcohol, never a good mix!

See you all next week, toodle pip,

Love Daisy xxx

P.S. See you next week.

P.P.S. Don’t forget, the Daisychainers are coming soon! You will not want to miss it!


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