Daisy's Diary August 19th 2015

Daisy's Diary 19th August 2015



Hello fans and Daisychainers as I like to call you, I left you with a bit of a cliff-hanger last week.

There was Be'el on the floor, that will teach her to tickle me with that swooshing whip on me, cheeky little madam.

Mum wittering about not using a hat again after a fall coz you can't see any damage and if it is damaged it might not protect you again and the Hat Standards Changing

I also heard her saying that the New Gatehouse Range of hats were really cool and not too expensive especially the 

CHELSEA AIR FLOW PRO at £114.95 including free delivery

If you don't have the correct type of hat in the New Year, you will not be allowed to compete in all the disciplines.

Goodness (aka Gormless by me), his stable name is ‘Red’ because he is chestnut and Dad likes Man Utd, not sure what that is, but heard the humans mentioning it.

Well mum and Frankey have re-christened him ‘Red Snapper because he keeps snapping his teeth and trying to bite them when he is having his rugs put on or having his girth tightened up.

Otherwise he is a perfect angel and is never naughty like me.

Mum thinks it is a habit he got into when he was racing and now he can’t stop.

Dad says he’ll be Red or Dead if he ever nips him!

I don't think he's noticed, but they are slipping something into his feed. I can see right into the feed room from my stable. Mum keeps putting a scoop or two of white powder into his feed bucket, something called Coligone, apparently ex. racehorses can sometimes have stomach ulcers from all the oats and stuff they have to eat for racing. 

He went cross country schooling again last week, it looks like he’s starting to get the hang of it, especially anythingwith a few leaves in it.

Mum says they’re called brush fences, I don’t see it myself, how the heck would you turn one upside down and sweep my stable out with it!

Right pin your ears back, we have found a new game to play when we are at home, it is called ‘field hopping’.

Eric, (he’s Be’elzebub’s pony) is very naughty, apart from eating ice lollies and ‘Fizzy Haribos’ he can jump really big for a little fellah and he loves eating.

So when he has decided that there is not enough grass in his field or he is bored, he jumps the fence into the next one. Well it took a while to catch on, we were all a bit scared at first, but now he has shown us what to do, everybody is at it, one night we all jumped into the same field just for fun.

Mum and Frankey had one heck of a job sorting us out in the morning. There were a lot of naughty words flying about and some shouting. We all just snickered when they had their backs turned. Then pretended we didn't want to be caught, as if, when there is a feed bucket about. Sometimes humans are not very bright.

You can also get style marks, Scally, he's sort of retired, really showed off and from a stand still, no trot up or canter, from an absolute stand still, jumped straight over the metal gate which is at least 4ft 6".

Mum was actually there when he did it I've never seen her mouth so wide open!
We all jumped up in the air and clicked our hooves at that one, 'awesome' and he's normally so quiet.

Then the other night I jumped out with Pippa, it was sooooo fun, the yard gate was open too, so we had a stroll up, as we passed what dad calls the ‘pond field’ where the dogs play, that gate was open as well, they must have been drinking again.

Well it would have been rude not to have a look in wouldn’t it?

The grass looked delicious, and though I am watching my supermodel figure, I thought ‘A little of what you fancy does you good”.
It is a bit spooky in there, lots of willow trees, very bendy, so Pippa led the way, she’s 23 and very brave she’s only 14.1hh she’s my mini-me.

As I said there are a lot of trees in this field and I was a little bit trepidatious, (that’s just a posh word for nervous, sounds so much more impressive) there could be tree snakes, or anything, but on Pippa went so I had to follow.

Well I freaked! I hardly moved all night in case something got me. Sleep, not likely I won't be going in there again. In the morning Frankey had to come and rescue me I was having a panic attack and could not move on my own.

I was too tall (and beautiful) to be ducking under trees, there were leaves touching my beautiful mane, some of them were wet with I don't know what, I could have been covered in green mould or frog poo, or anything, you never know out here in the countryside. Some of those frogs can jump really high you know.

I do know what you are thinking now, you are looking at my rescue photo and thinking, some horses 'like me' can just ‘carry off’ wearing a fly mask with style or as the French say, 'je ne sait quoi' and then looking at Red, Bless Him, some can’t.

Now I am goiing to leave you with a tantalising piece of news.

I am starting a new club, you will all want to join especially those who aspire to being beautiful like me.

I will tell you more next time, you will just have to wait  

But I know you will love it.

Love Daisy xox

P.S. We are all going to a show on Sunday, it's in our village, well actually it is just across the road in a neighbour's field, so we are all very excited.


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