Daisy's Diary August 12th 2015

      Daisy's Diary August 12th 2015

Well my dear fans and supporters, I didn’t like the look of all those random bits of fence, if I was to make a mistake, I might scratch my beautiful long legs.

Then where would I be with my modelling career on pause?

Right then, so mum and Be’elzebub  have finished putting on my leather gear so I’m good to go, mum throws ‘B’ up into the saddle and off I sashay in my best ‘Look at Me’ walk.


Gormless is already about ten yards ahead with Frankie so I just follow them until I find  out what is coming next. We walk for about a hundred yards and then Gormless is asked to trot so I have to follow. It is 20 degrees, far too warm for anything that might make me sweat and ruin my shiny glistening chestnut coat and strawberry blonde mane.

Some of the other horses say I am vain, but I say if you’ve got it flaunt it!

I started to slow down, then there was a swoosh and that bl**dy racing whip tickled me on the bum. It was such a shock all four of my feet came off the ground, before I could land again, Be’elzebub had tickled me again. Back on the ground I responded with a quicker trot, (“remember the plan, bide your time”) and started to catch Gormless up.

He was heading across a field and there was a small wood on the left, to the right of the track there was a great big hole, random logs near the edge with a bit of a drop down into the water and other parts a bit like a beach sloping down gently so you could walk in for a paddle if you were so inclined.

“Gormless, what are you doing?” I whinnied, he was trotting towards one of the logs.

“Gormless, be careful you might go over it and into………………………”


               Too Late!

Not for me I thought, it looks a bit dirty and I’ve only just had my hooves done by that handsome looking farrier man Ben.

I was speechless, not like me I know, but over the log he went and splashed down into the water. He then proceeded to run around in the water neighing “come on in it’s not cold.”

Well I am not very old, but I am not falling for that old trick and I quickly indicated my reluctance to Be’elzebub by moving backwards, sideways and spinning all at the same time. Not an easy movement with my beautiful long legs. (Have I mentioned them before?)

Well she must have been quick to react, because I hardly heard the dreaded ‘swoosh’ when I got another smack, so I stopped.

Thankfully, Mum started shouting (she’s not good in a crisis, I’ve told you that before) “move on in to the next field and we can do some jumping there.”

“We?” Where did she get that from? I’ve never seen her jumping unless there is a dead mouse or rat in my stable!
Then there are plenty of screams to go with the jumps.

It all went quite well for a while, it was actually quite good fun jumping over these random bits of fence. I still can’t work out how they are supposed to keep the animals in, maybe there is an invisible electric current running from fence to fence that the humans switch on at night.

We started to work our way back to the horsebox when ‘B’ decided she wanted to jump over a tractor that the farmer had left in the field. Not likely I thought, times up Be’elzebub, I want to go home. So we started cantering towards this jump, bear in mind I had been good for quite some time, when we got about four strides away, I stopped dead did three bucks, a little bit higher each time, on the third one, threw in a little twist and off she went.

It was a long way down, but she had her body protector and riding hat on, that’s what they are for isn’t it?

See you next week

Love Daisy

P.S. I think I might be in trouble, I heard mum say “we’ll have to replace that hat, you shouldn’t use one that’s been in a big fall, you can’t tell if it’s damaged or not.”


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