Daisy's Diary July 2015

Daisy’s Diary


“Hello all my beautiful fans and admirers, this is me Daisy doing my horseycises to keep my figure in top trim for my modelling assignments.”

“You don’t get a figure like mine hanging around feed troughs all day, darlings.”

“Well what a week I’ve had.”

Wednesday 22nd July 2015 – Riding Club Lessons

"Frankie (she’s my servant, that’s her with the Likit treats teaching me to ‘curtsey’) thinks she’s in charge, don’t all humans, well I showed her at riding club.

Let’s test your nice posh hat I thought.

She’d bought a Charles Owen AYR8 a bit pricey at £179.95 but it has the test certificates, PAS 015, all hats will need this next year or you won’t be allowed to compete in Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing.

You can’t be too careful with your head, you only have one so don’t skimp.

There’s a great new range of hats from Gatehouse in our web shop thingy, some are even blingey, really cool.

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Sooooooooo me!

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Anyway I digress, I took her by surprise, after about half an hour of the lesson, I did a half buck with twist to the side, using another horse that was too close as an excuse, and off she popped. Result!

It’s one of my favourites, (not a high degree of difficulty, but an effective strike rate), just when she thought all was going well.

Then I just stand there looking beautiful, not trotting off into the distance, pretending Likits wouldn’t melt in my mouth and that I’m really sorry.

It was an indoor arena, so it was a reasonably soft fall except for Frankie banging her head rather hard, on the surface, I did briefly feel bad about that, but it didn't last long, as the hat had done its job admirably.

Well, no, no, the never mind, she’s a game girl and back up she got into the saddle to finish the lesson.

Next thing, I can here mum shouting hysterically, “help, help, somebody help,” she was outside at the trailer with that gormless ex racehorse Goodness. Teacher1 ran off to help, only to find ‘Gormless’ with his nose pressed against the trailer’s front window, his legs over the breast bar and mater shouting unintelligibly. She’s not good in a crisis.

Anyway they managed to get the ‘numpty’ out unscathed, but it rather curtailed the lesson and just as I was really starting to get the hang of that extended trot business.
It makes me look even more beautiful, if that’s possible! Sorry the photo is a little bit fuzzy the light was not very good, the Riding Centre hadn't put the lights on.

 Maybe Gormless is not that daft, he feigned injury, so mum and Frankie cancelled his lesson and we all went home early.

Thursday 23rd July

You’re not going to believe what they’ve dreamt up for today.

Something called Cross Country Schooling! No idea what it is, I’ll let them know if I don’t like it.

Oh catastrophe, the ‘little she devil, Be'elzebub is here, Frankie's sister Cory, she’s a jockey, rides loopy racehorses everyday and knows nearly all of our tricks, this is going to be a test.

I thought to myself, I’ll play nice to begin with so her guard comes down.

She has one of those racing whips, doesn't really hurt me, but ooooooh that swooshing noise. 

Gormless was still pretending to be a bit sore, so he’s excused work, then he starts whinnying and kicking up a fuss, so they decide to take him after all.

So we are all loaded up and moving off when, 'somebody didn't go to the toilet' and Gormless leaves a present on the floor for the servants to clean up, what a smell what has he been eating, garlic powder?


"Well I haven't been here before, it looks very untidy, there are bits of fence everywhere, none of them match and there are great big gaps between them. They won't keep anything in with those gaps, they need to join them up or the animals will be out on the road quick as a flash. Stupid!

Well we are obviously getting out here, it can't be to graze, can it? That would be nice, the grass looks lovely.

No, out comes the leather gear and its all "stand still while I take your bandages off" and stuff.

Oh I get it we're going for a walk.

While we are getting ready, two horses and riders come past in all the gear, they head off to the funny bits of fence, I keep watching and OMG they jumped over one! And then another! Well I think I've worked out how to get rid of Be'elzebub.

I'll tell you what happens next week....................................

Note 1 Teacher was Cathy Burrell CATHY BURRELL B.H.S.I.I. (Reg’d)
Cathy is an International Dressage rider at both Young Rider and Senior level, and has competed at all levels including Grand Prix.
Cathy is on the Para Technical committee for British Dressage and a member of The Pony Club dressage committee. Cathy has trained all levels from Pony Club up to advanced dressage and 2* eventing. Cathy is a registered instructor through the B.H.S. and has achieved the UKCC Level 3 Coaching Certificate. Cathy is also on the Trainers Database for British dressage and a recognised Paralympic coach. Cathy enjoys teaching all levels of riders to achieve their goals and ambitions.

www.burrelldressage.co.uk or call Cathy on 07912 448732





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