Show Jumping Training Exercise - Doubles in Trot and Canter

Training Doubles in Trot and Canter

 The floor plan is set out so that the jumps can be approached, one from trot and the other one from canter.

The distances may need to be altered to suit the size of your horse. 

The height of the jumps should also be altered depending on the ability of the horses/ponies using them.

For competition purposes the training distance would be need to be made slightly greater.

Having said that, the athleticism of the jumping horse can be considerably improved by sensible training over short distances, such as the bounce (10 to 12 ft) for example.

The double of jumps is also beneficial in improving suppleness and co-ordination.


The horse and rider should warm up for a least 10 to 15 minutes doing simple walk, trot exercises and then near the end of the warming up session doing some canter.

The rider must be capable of riding straight and in balance to a number of plain fences, preferably both vertical and spreads she should also ride maintaining a balanced, supple and secure jumping position.

It would also be a good idea to have a couple of jumps over single fences first before tackling these doubles.

The rider should make the first approach to the trot double and negotiate this double with an 18 feet distance between the two elements. This should give one non-jumping stride.

As I said earlier these distances may need to be altered dependent on the size of the horse or pony

The rider should concentrate on coming to the first element with energy and control, allowing the horse to jump in, take one stride and jump out riding away in a straight line from the jump.

Above all make it FUN

Enjoy your riding from Judith, Francesca, Sean

and the staff at All Equestrian

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