Daisy's Introduction

Daisy's Introduction


My name is Daisy, well really, it is ‘Clounlaheen Princess’, but that’s a bit of a mouthful for using all the time.

If you have not already heard of me, where have you been girlfriends?

Mummy says I am a ‘Diva’, but I say, “if you’ve got it flaunt it!”

I write a ‘Diary’ for the de Boiz Blog page on our website www.deboiz.co.uk keeping everyone up to date with ‘goings-on’ at the de Boiz yard.

I know you guys only really want to hear about me, but whatever!

Mummy says we all have to do our bit to publicise the de Boiz Products and the de Boiz/All Equestrian Web-Site or we won’t get fed. A bit harsh I thought.

We have a few characters here, there’s Goodness who I call ‘Gormless’ he’s an ex racehorse, really quite good at the jumping mullarkey and dressage, but he does do the silliest things sometimes.


I was having a dressage lesson one day and he was waiting in the trailer for his turn. Next thing we hear a kerfuffle at the trailer and there he is with his front legs over the breast bar looking sheepish. What a numpty!

Eric is a 14.2hh Connemara pony, he is super good at jumping, even goes in the horse classes to show them up, but he’s a bit eccentric, eats ice cream, ice lollies (see the picture) and sour Haribos!!

Then there is mini-me, 14.1hh Pippa Perfect, 23 years old, still competing in dressage at Elementary level and eventing.

There are three pensioners and our baby, Sophie another racehorse, she is not a chesnut like me, Pippa and Gormless.

She is only just 4 years old, thought racing was a bit rough, so gave it up.
I will send you an email to let you know when my next blog/diary comes out, if you would like to read some previous ones click here to go the page on our website.

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